The RED Carpet Connection’s highest mission is to serve YOU, the author, the talent, the actor, the speaker, the businessman, the coach, the trainer, the athlete, etc.

The RED Carpet Connection strives to bring you, the author, a high quality finished product for your high quality writing. The RED Carpet Connection offers all the standard size books on the market and offers some custom sizes, as well as, most binding choices. While many publishing companies assume the authors rights to their own books, The RED Carpet Connection guarantees the author retains their rights. We print to order, whether, it is one copy or a million; we also print on demand, so there are no hassles or storage fees. We simply print the book when it is ordered, send it off to your customer, and deposit the money in your account. Easy isn’t it? After all, making it easy for you is what we strive to do! From one author to another, lets print your books today!

We offer three types of publishing:

1) Traditional Publishing – We accept manuscripts and if we decide to get behind your message we will print it and distribute it taking the full financial risk.
2) Subsidy Publishing – We accept manuscripts that we can get behind where the author and our company share in the financial risk of distribution. Author retains original copyright to their materials with us as the exclusive publisher.
3) Imprint Publishing - *Perfect for Self-Publishers – We become a supporting partner if we support your message and the author assumes a larger portion of the financial risk and retains all copyright privileges.

Additionally, we offer with our packages full services to include cover design, layout, ghostwriting, context editing, grammar editing, pagination, marketing coaching, in-page marketing, and more.

We can take authors from conception of ideas to the book shelves both in the states and internationally which allows you The RED Carpet Connection you deserve! We act as a partner with our clients as we are a family-minded environment. We are investing in you and your ideas just the same as you. We understand that you book is your baby and nobody wants to leave the baby with a bad babysitter, especially someone who cares about you and your message as much as us.

About our Publicity services:

Whether you are one of our published authors, an author who has self-published or published with another agency, or a speaker, talent, or entertainer, we will conduct your publicity to write press releases, refer you to event planners and the media for print, radio, and television interviews.

Additional services:

Ghost blogging, ghost writing for articles or books or social media, social media set up and management, sponsorship acquisition, brochure completion, and more…

For more information contact us at www.TheREDCarpetConnection.com

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