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Our mission is to serve authors, entrepreneurs, and speakers to fulfill their dreams to be seen and heard in radio, television, and magazines. You have a great message, a fabulous product, and a superb service! 

It’s time that other people know about it, right? 

We help you get published, get publicized, and be profitable while sharing your message and services that change the course of others lives! 

We specialize in helping coaches, consultants, entrepreneurs, entertainers, speakers, and trainers get out into the limelight where your audience, clients, fans, and followers can find you!  

Therefore, we developed our proprietary “Living RED: Revelance, Enthusiam, & Delivery™️” System that propels us to do that. What's the Living RED™️ System? Well, It's kinda like being a Kardashian in the news all over the place, except you have a positive message, your a respected role model, and you change the course of the world for the better with your products and services…

You are likely told all the time to get a publicist, but no one tells you that you are just wasting your time unless you call the right person with the right system who cares about you and your business as much as you do!  

Being profitable with your publicity and publishing is all about real relationships and building social capital, 
and that’s what the Living RED™ System allows us to do for you!

Your message, mission, product, and services deserve the limelight – let us brag about you,
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Andrea Adams-Miller, CEO & Founder of 
“Red Carpet Connection” is a motivational keynote speaker, corporate business relationship consultant and trainer, and an interpersonal relationship consultant including marriage and intimacy counseling.  

She additionally is noted as a best-selling author, columnist, and an International award winning talk radio show host. Recognized for her professionalism, Andrea has been recognized as the American Association of University Women’s “Young Leader of the Year,” Business and Professional Women’s “Young Careerist of the Year,” and a 3 time nominee as “The Top 20 Business Leaders Under 40.” Corporate, College, and Organizational audiences enjoy 

Andrea’s energy and enthusiasm for the betterment of their lives, their future careers, and their relationships. She is engaging, experiential, educational, empowering, enlightening, and entertaining! 

She comes highly recommended by some of the most significant leaders and keynote speakers including Jack Canfield, co-author of “Chicken Soup for the Soul” and by James Malinchak featured on ABC’s “Secret Millionaire.”
“I recommend Andrea, her work is fabulous. She really is a living model of going for your dreams and doing whatever it takes to have your life work at the highest level. If you want more aliveness, more intimacy, and more connection, I encourage you to take a look at her work.”  

~Jack Canfield, Co-Author “Chicken Soup for the Soul” Book Series & Author of “The Success Principles” 

“Andrea Adams-Miller is the leading authority in business relationships. I love Andrea’s passion! She really sees what people can’t see for themselves. She really inspires her clients to that higher level & she takes her coaching from there. Andrea gives clients the wings to dream & really gives them a blueprint on how to get there with wonderful solutions.”

~Kristi Frank, Top Competitor on Season #1 of 
Donald Trump's "The Apprentice" 

“After hearing Andrea speak, I quickly realized that if you want to ignite a spark in your business, relationship or life, who better to call on than Andrea who is the complete embodiment of spark! She is sure to add the sizzle to any area that needs extra energy leading to financial or personal success .” 

~ Gina Folk, CEO of Folk Consulting
"Andrea is the best publicist, I could ever have imagined. Being in Hollywood for so many years, I have never met another publicist or agent who is willing to go out of their way to take care of me and my career. Where other publicists and agents sit and wait for requests for speakers, Andrea is a walking billboard advertising me in a way that generates long-term profitable relationships. She makes my life easy. She calls potential leads for me; she seeks out additional leads; she negotiates my contracts which is unheard of in this industry and increases my profitability by leaps and bounds. 

While I recommend her wholeheartedly, personally, my goal is to let her handle my career her way until the only person she works for is ME!" 

~ Terri Hardin, Disney Imagineer and Hollywood Artist
Over the last seven years, I have been a witness to Andrea Adams-Miller's Mastery of Business Excellence. She consistently strives to achieve more and at a higher quality when it comes to Publicity, Marketing, Social Media Platforms, Reputation Management, Speaking, Course Development, Consulting, Publishing, and more. Andrea's deep commitment to attentive detail while focusing on the big picture allow her to devise a variety of solutions to overcome any challenge in multiple industries within entrepreneurship to Fortune 500 business. In less than ten minutes with Andrea, you will be blown away by her vast skill set, knowledge, and experience that will align your business for lucrative success. Certainly, any company wanting to maximize their business success would bring Andrea on board! 

~  Carolyn CJ Matthews, 
CEO High Octane Motivation, Sales Consultant
I have had the privilege of working with Andrea on several business projects, most recently the "Engagement-Retention-Growth" book and webinar series. Andrea's willingness to share her knowledge and experience was one of the driving forces that made that project the great success that it became. When it comes to helping her clients or business associates achieve their maximum potential, Andrea stops at nothing to give 100% of herself. She is a true professional in every sense of the word so it is without hesitation that I fully endorse and recommend her business services. 

~  Tony Lacertosa, 

I had the wonderful privilege of meeting Andrea at a sponsorship consulting workshop. She is a fireball of enthusiasm who represents herself as a brand you'll never forget. I recently had the opportunity to see her in action at the National Sports Forum. She was fearless, energetic and very confident at an industry event she attended for the first time. She's a natural and it was fun to see her work the room. Andrea is a creative, compassionate, and dynamic personality who would be a valuable player on anyone's team. 

~  Danny Heinsohn, 
Speaker, Sports Business Professional, 
Sales Coach, & Brain Cancer Survivor

Andrea is by far one of the most engaging and energetic women I have ever met. She grabs your attention from her first words and immediately you feel the power of her commitment to help you. We’ve exchanged a number of ideas and I’m always impressed with her intuitive insights and ability to get right to the point. So, if you need a speaker or an authority to speak straight to your students and have them clamoring for more of her, then get Andrea now!
Mark Maiewski, 
Virginia’s Leading College Planning Authority and Author of 31 Insider Secrets Of Paying For College That I Guarantee No One Has Dared To Share With You

We are so happy that the CBI National Student Electronic Media Convention went over so well with our members. The preliminary feedback has been great! We could not have pulled of this important educational event without your participation on the session Creating Celebrity Buzz: Earn the Billing of a Top Radio Personality with a Brand All Your Own. It was greatly appreciated. Thank you for sharing your knowledge, experiences and tips with our members. Without your contribution, this small non-profit association of members could not fulfill its goals of educating and serving the membership.
Will Robedee, Executive Director, CBI

“Being a mom who's life's experience has included children living with autism, ODD, ADHD and Tourette's it became readily apparent that we were a 'special needs family'. A family facing crisis, dilemmas, and stressors that not many face. Andrea Adams-Miller is voice for those who are in the crisis, both the caregiver and advocate as well as the individual with special needs. Her vision and passion to seek resolution to conflict and create solutions is a much needed blessing to an ever growing community. She is the voice for those who have no voice and offers hope to those in despair. Thank you Andrea for standing in the gap. You are a blessing.”

~ Wendy R. Fuller, CPCC
Canada’s Leading Personal Coach for Women

“If you want to take your life, heart, mind, soul, spirit, if you want to take your relationship to higher & higher levels, you cannot get there on your own. No one can. You need a coach & there is nobody better for helping you with your relationship, than my friend Andrea. She truly cares about helping you because she comes from the heart & that’s important. You want a coach who comes from the heart, not from the art. Let her come from the heart first & help you with the art of having a great relationship.”

- James Malinchak, Speaker, Entrepreneur,
Featured on ABC's Hit TV Show "Secret Millionaire"

The main thing I liked about Andrea, though, was that she was really fun. In what I've seen and read of her work she's very good about helping us to remember to keep the joy in our business relationships and to communicate with a lightness and empathy for the people we're communicating with that I think makes for the ultimate business relationship balance: comfort and excitement. Does it get any better than that? 
~Liz Langley, Author “Crazy Little Things”

Andrea is a powerful presenter with a message that NEEDS to be heard by everyone who is either IN a business or WANTS to be in business. She has such wisdom!
~ Dianne M. Daniels, Lap Band Success Coach

 “Very few people put it as simply as Andrea does! I guarantee you’ll see instant results!”
 ~Jonathan Sprinkles, “The Connection Coach,” APCA Speaker of the Year
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